Wembury Neighbourhood Plan

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The Parish of Wembury Neighbourhood Plan
This site contains a wealth of information concerning the creation of our neighbourhood plan and about neighbourhood plans in general.
It is important to understand that The Parish of Wembury in this case refers to a civil administrative area and not a church territory. The Parish Council is quite independent from the church and the Parochial Church Council. We are not in competition it is just a convenience that the church and the civil areas are the same.
A neighbourhood plan will enable you the community itself to set policies that will affect how development will take place over the next 15 to 20 years and beyond. This is a community initiative and is not run by the government. If you don't get involved, local government will make the decisions for you and it may not be what you want...

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The Parish of Wembury is located in South West Devon in England. It is a rural community of approximately 2700 inhabitants.

The Community Survey will be on its way soon

It is very important that the neighbourhood plan represents the desires or wishes of the community (parish). To get your views, in a month or so we will be sending out a Community Survey which covers many aspects of your life in Wembury today and how you want to see Wembury develop over the next 15-20 years.
We need your help to deliver this survey and to get the results back for analysis - please help - contact us

Want to help us? send us an email and say you would like to help - (your email client will open)

Wembury says yes to NP

The Parish of Wembury votes for a neighbourhood plan  

Following two packed meetings, the residents of Wembury Parish voted overwhelmingly in favour of a neighbourhood plan.

Housing Needs Assessment / Survey -
Successful bid to The Lottery Fund - Awards For All

Funding for The Housing Needs Assessment sought.
As part of the Evidence Base for a neighbourhood plan it is desirable to have an assessment of what housing is needed in the parish; particularly Affordable Housing.
Your neighbourhood plan group approached the Lottery Fund Fund for funding to be able to carry out this exercise and has been awarded sufficient funds to carry out this task - The first of two survey questionnaires will be on its way soon.

Coming soon - Vision Day

A Vision Day is an opportunity for everyone to come along to an event and share their visions, wishes and aspirations for our community. To put forward ideas as to how it will develop over the next fifteen to twenty years or so. An opportunity to have your say and to put your ideas on paper alongside the rest of our community. It is intended that there will be two Vision Days - one in Down Thomas and one in Wembury. See what a vision day looks like here: East Shoreditch Vision Day (click to view)

Does the number of new houses built matter?

Number of houses - A question has been raised:

"How many houses will South Hams impose on us?"

Right now, numbers of houses or developments are not vitally important as we need to address many other aspects before these numbers are considered.



New Vigour
After a short break during the end of 2017, the steering group has returned in 2018 with renewed vigour.

New Documents, Notes and Example Plans


Many new documents have been added to the "Library Links & Documents Page"


Steering Group Announced

The Steering Group has been announced and informed, see more information by clicking on the "Steering Group" tab at the bottom of the page.

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